Through a Looking Glass - Exhibition Notes


When I was first invited to exhibit my work as part of British Croatian Society’s 2015 creativeCroatia season, I wanted not only to showcase my most recent work but also to engage visitors with the process of my working technique and to invite them to explore the ways in which my practice has been grounded in the Croatian Naive tradition. To this end the exhibition not only included many new works created specifically with this exhibition in mind, but also sketches of earlier works that had been directly inspired by my daily experiences of the Zagreb landscape and a slideshow featuring the works of those artists who remain an inspiration to my work. Additionally, I wrote these Notes to accompany the exhibition - in the hopes that they would help to illuminate the continuing development of my creative self.

Many of them started out as blog posts or have since been posted as blogs - but here they are in their exhibition form and the only change has been to update the original title of “Naive Dreamer” to it’s current title of “Phoenix Dreams."

The Artist

The Technique

The Tradition

That Alice Girl

The Land

The Slideshow

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