New (Old) Work: "Seeking Harmony"

Started in the late summer of 2011, put aside while I worked on The Bears of Medvednica exhibition, packed up for the move in 2012 and then set aside again while I developed "Untethered" this series was finally completed in the spring of 2014. It then took a good few more months to get it photographed for uploading to the website, and framing will take a good while longer yet I fear. However, slowly but surely has made it in the end and the long wait makes this an even sweeter announcement as I present "Seeking Harmony": my newest-old / oldest-new work from the studio (to date at least). As I still have sketches from 2010 to bring to life I don't think it will always hold this most prized of positions, but for now it shines all on its own and gives hope to the many works that continue to remain 'in progress.'


Click on the image to see the rest of the series.

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