Quote of the Day: "Now . . .

"Now I become myself ." ~ May Sarton

I sent an invitation for my exhibition opening to a dear friend. There was very little likelyhood she'd be able to travel across the Atlantic to be here, but she's gone and done the next nearest, bestest thing. She's sent me this cache of beautiful words:

How I wish I could be at your exhibition!  I am so excited to see some of your recent work; it is absolutely breathtaking.  The combination of minute detail and bold color and design is striking; a unique voice that is completely your own, yet pays beautiful tribute to the medium you learned during those long- ago days in Zagreb.  Looking at your work brings to mind a favorite line by the poet May Sarton, "Now I become myself."  Congratulations, Melanie: on your persistence, your gorgeous work, your very hard work, and your success.  I couldn't be happier for you.

That's it in a nutshell really. Persistence, hard work and the metamorphosis of the artist I was into the artist that I feel I am meant to be. The translation of 'I' into the truer and deeper expression of who I am, 'myself.' 

Words to warm me from the inside out with the fire of a million stars.

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